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Throughout the past 20 years, BenZ has been developing his own approach of the Magic Art. His close-up routines are designed to deliver short intense experiences to targeted small groups of guests in a relaxed and non-intrusive manner.

Using simple and non-gimmicked tools, such as coins and normal cards, allows to create a genuine fair challenge for the audience. BenZ performs sleeveless, without unfair props, he mainly specialises on Coin manipulation magic for visual performance or cards to add a storytelling element.

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Established in Sheffield for over 10 years, His Magic has taken him to perform at weddings in China and corporate event in Germany. He enjoys it as much as entertaining the IKEA centres around the country, or entertaining a workshop at a local Sheffield School.

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He is available to bring his smile, enthusiasm and a sense of wonder to your party. Be it your wedding, anniversary, a charity night or a local children party, he will make a priority to adapt his performance for your particular requirements and circumstances.

“Magic is an attitude! We all have the power to decide whether we want to be Magic in this Life! And as people, we inherently have some Magic within us. Being Magic isn’t about believing in it as such, but rather about discovering this inner magic that could make anything possible should we want it”                   _Benoit Pierre BenZ

Presentations, lectures and workshops are also available and can be adapted to encompass particular themes and objectives and be adapted to their particular audience (corporate team building day, school clubs, after dinner speech, inspirational interventions…….)

Feel free to get in touch for more details on this vast topic, “Magic”, and the “archetype of the magician character” are two concepts that naturally tickles people’s curiosity, and you won’t need to ask Benoit twice to talk about his experiences!

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Meanwhile, he likes bringing an element of surprise in his local community. There won’t be many videos around of his show for this reason……Benoit hopes his clients appreciate his sense of exclusivity. Please do enquire in regards to his next public show or if you would like to meet him for a demonstration.

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